Ferrivore helps users find ideas that are interesting, using a Neo4j graph database for collaborative filtering. This is implemented with a Python API, and accessed with a React frontend.


Make Headlines

Make Headlines is a (mostly) one-page app that scrapes headlines from major media sources and prompts the visitor to rewrite them. A sentiment score of the rewrite, generated with the Flair library, is compared to the score of the original headline. Written with Flask and TypeScript.

The docker-compose file specifies an image in Docker Hub, so it should be simple to set it up yourself. Be aware, though that image is quite large because of the libraries pulled in by Flair, and the trained model is about 250 megabytes compressed; in its current configuretion it takes somewhere around 600 MB of RAM to start, and goes to over a gigabyte whenever it pulls in new headlines. (I know because I had to give my VPS a bit of swap space.)


Sebaldus Heyden Dialogues

Latin dialogues for students written in the 16th century by Sebaldus Heyden. I have typeset them with my own facing translations using ConTeXt (a relative of LaTeX).